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A highly sought-after speaker, presenter, and facilitator, Jess brings her signature warmth, humor, and engaging presence to any group she connects with. 

Jess's expertise in online course design and development shines through as she anticipates and answers the most pressing questions of any aspiring course creator! 

~How will I know my course will sell?

~How long will it take to create my course?

~How do I know what to charge for my course?

~What tech do I need to build and sell my course?


Jess has been invited to speak on these topics to a variety of audiences. Will yours be next?

Speaking: Services

Signature Talks 

In addition to these signature talks, Jess is also happy to work with you to create a customized talk for your audience. 

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Are You Course-Ready?

Maybe you've decided you'd like to take the leap and create your first online course, membership or program. But how do you know if you and your business are actually ready to create a profitable course? What are the questions you should be asking yourself before getting started? This session will cover the 5 key questions to answer so that you can create with confidence!

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Escaping The Perfection Trap

Where does perfectionism come from? How does it show up in your business? How is it holding you back? And how do you escape it? I'll cover all this and more in this interactive session.

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So You Wanna Be A Course Creator?

Learn how to create that online course you've had on the backburner. We'll discuss the pros and cons, as well as the do's and don'ts, of getting into the online course market. Whether you have a fully baked course idea or just the desire to share your knowledge more broadly, this session is for you.

~pdf workbook included

Copy of So you wanna be a course creator

Choosing A Winning Course Idea

How can you know whether your course is going to be a rocketship to the moon or if you'll be saying "Houston, we have a problem"? No one wants to put in all that hard work only to have their course fall flat. This session will walk you through some powerful strategies for choosing a course idea that you can be sure will sell!
~pdf workbook included

Speaking: Products

Recent Speaking Engagements

Speaking: Past Events

"From Perfectionism to Authentic Self"

Unstoppable Women in Business podcast with Susan Trumpler

August 18, 2021

Have you ever wanted something to be so perfect that you never end up actually completing it? Or even starting it? Perfectionism is often branded as a positive quality of successful people, but in reality, it holds us back from our potential. 

This episode’s guest, Jess, shares her personal journey with perfectionism, anxiety, and revelations about living authentically rather than perfectly.

Click here to listen to the episode!

Screenshot 2021-07-28 093114.png

"Are You Course-Ready?"

Ladies Power Lunch

July 23, 2021

Dr. Davia Shepherd, Chief Happiness Officer and Founder of Ladies Power Lunch, brought Jess back for the second time on her "Free Gift Friday" show to answer the question Are You Course-Ready? 

Click here to watch the replay!

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"Creating Powerful Courses for Your Ideal Clients"

C3 Collaborative Panel Discussion

March 26, 2020

Facilitated by business strategy coach and marketing expert, Maryann Cruz, the Founder of C3 Collaborative.

Jess Pare, chief learning alchemist, joined launch concierge, Denice Whiteley and trademark attorney, Jamie Sternberg to discuss the soup to nuts of creating and launching your online course while protecting your intellectual property.  


"Course Creation 101"

Ladies Power Lunch

December 4, 2020

Dr. Davia Shepherd, Chief Happiness Officer and Founder of Ladies Power Lunch, hosted Jess on her "Free Gift Friday" show where they talked all things course creation and Jess gave away a free consulting session to one lucky listener.

Gina Johnson Co.png

"Course Creation 101"

Gina Johnson Co

January 11, 2021

Holistic Business Coach, Gina Johnson, had Jess present Course Creation 101 to her VIP Coaching Clients.


Your LIFE Program Radio Show with Andrea Hammer

February 15, 2021

Andrea’s passion is to motivate others to “Live Intentionally Fabulous Everyday!” and when she met Jess Pare, she knew she needed to be on the show to share her journey of self-discovery which ultimately led her to creating the business of her dreams. 

Listen here.


"Personal Transformation Shines Joy Into Work"

Dynamic Thriving Podcast with Mary Ann Pack

March 8, 2021

Spiritual Guide, Mary Ann Pack, interviews Jess about the relationship between our spiritual journey and our path to business ownership. 

Listen here.

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