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Shelby Longland

Operations Manager

I am driven by two main things in life: a desire to help others succeed, and a commitment to learning something new every day. I am thrilled to be part of the Alchemy Learning Solutions team where I can work towards both of these goals by supporting the administrative aspects that help us best serve our clients, including client onboarding and sharing our instructional design work with the world. 

I am an avid hiker (currently making my way through the 48 4000-footers of New Hampshire), and I see many parallels between hiking and beginning an educational journey. At the trailhead, or beginning of a course, there is often a sense of anticipation and uncertainty. But by the time I reach the summit, an inevitable transformation has occurred. Where there was anticipation there is wonder, and where there was uncertainty there is potential. There is no sensation like being on top of a mountain – or having just completed a transformational course - and seeing the expanse of the world and all its possibilities in front of you. I hope that, through Alchemy Learning Solutions, I can help countless individuals experience this feeling.

When I am not hiking or working on Alchemy projects, I can often be found baking pie or playing with my labradoodle puppy. I also have a bachelor’s degree in French and International Studies from the University of Richmond, and a master’s in Educational Leadership and Policy from Boston University.

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