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The Gold Package

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Online Course Creation: Text

Online Course Creation

We provide end-to-end course creation services to help bring your evergreen online course to life.

Throughout the course creation process Alchemy Learning Solutions will facilitate the transformation of your knowledge and expertise into actionable service for your clients. We will work together with you to coalesce your best-practices into a strategically-designed, marketable program or course. Alchemy is committed to making the design experience seamless and supported for you through a guided and purposeful, step-by-step discovery process. 


  • We create a compassionate space in which to express creativity, experiment, and collaborate while honoring your strengths, celebrating your wins, and overcoming fears. 

  • Then, we launch our project management venture, providing structure for the tasks and accountability for the work needed to complete the process. 

  • Next, we conduct in-depth market research and analysis to ensure that your course or program is meeting a demonstrated need in the marketplace and is well-positioned related to competitors.


  • We create a strategic and tactical plan to identify how your course or program will fit into the larger picture of your business, your metrics for success, and your individual goals and tasks to get there.

  • We develop the form, structure and language around your course or program (i.e. your learning outcomes, curriculum map) through the Idea Alchemy process. 

  • We build all of this into a Learning Management System incorporating your images, videos and other teaching resources. 


  • We develop a comprehensive launch (i.e. marketing) plan to effectively position your course or program to be successful. 

You are not alone. As Learning Alchemists, we know just the right combination of elements to make magic happen for you and for your learners.

Online Course Creation: Services
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