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Strategic Consulting

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Strategic Consulting

Do you have a curriculum, workshop outline, or live course that you just know could be better?

Maybe it's time to let the experts help!

Perhaps you feel like certain parts of your curriculum are lackluster or aren't landing as well as you'd like. Or maybe you worry that you're trying to fit too much in and overwhelming your learners with the fire hose method. Perhaps you've even noticed your learners' eyes glazing over or them trying to surreptitiously check their cell phones while you're talking. 

You are an expert and you have so much to share with your learner to help them thrive more in their lives. 

And my job is to help you make the impact you desire for your learners so that they can get real results. 

My Silver Package is specifically designed to take your existing content to the next level. Yes, I have a proven process that has worked for many coaches, consultants, and experts to transform their content into the program or course they've envisioned for years. But let me tell you the real trick to's in the way that I LISTEN. 

I approach every client with an open-mind, curiosity, non-judgment, patience, and an abiding calm that puts you immediately at ease so that you can be your most authentic self and so that we can create something truly YOU and truly TRANSFORMATIVE for your learner. 

I promise that you will leave feeling confident about the results you are providing to your learners, clear on your next steps, and secure knowing that your course/program/workshop has been designed with best practices for adult learning in mind.

This package includes:

  • Review of existing materials prior to meeting.

  • A three-hour intensive coaching session to help you get clear on the transformation you are providing to participants in your course, masterclass, workshop, or program.

  • An overarching course framework with the steps you will guide participants through to achieve the transformation you wish to provide. 

  • A clear and actionable plan for bringing your program to life (i.e. a Facilitator's Guide, a project plan, etc.)

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