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Founded in 2020, Alchemy Learning Solutions is on a mission to help more people and organizations access the wisdom that can enable them to thrive. Over the past few years, I've worked with many coaches and consultants who have great technologies at their fingertips to transform their clients' experiences of themselves and their world but who feel stumped as to how to share these tools with a broader audience. Especially with the current pandemic crisis, many coaches and consultants have had to redefine how they reach their clients, moving programs and sessions online.

With the proliferation of online learning in 2020, it is a prime time to offer online courses as a new line of business. Where I've seen coaches and consultants get stuck, however, is either in trying to tackle learning to create an online course themselves and getting overwhelmed and discouraged OR in knowing they don't want to tackle it themselves but being unaware of the support available to them.

That's where Alchemy Learning Solutions comes in. As someone intimately familiar with the personal growth and development field, training as a coach, and expertise in instructional design, I guide my clients through the creation process from ideation to launch. I make this experience effortless and exciting as clients watch their ideas come to life and take form before their eyes. By the end of the project, clients are walking away with a turnkey evergreen online course or program that can vastly expand their reach to help more people while creating a new source of passive revenue and building their brand as an expert in their field.

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