Transitioning from one-on-one work to a group program doesn't have to be so hard!


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Why Create a Hybrid Group Program?

EXPAND YOUR REACH  ✧  Connect with more clients & increase your impact

CREATE NEW REVENUE STREAMS  ✧  Get out of the hours-for-dollars trap by leveraging your time

LEAVE A LEGACY  ✧  Share your expertise with the world


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Meet Our Clients


Purpose Practiced

Brent Robertson

green heart living logo.png

Green Heart Living

Publishing & Coaching

Holistic Business Coach

SM logo for certificate.png

Suzanne McColl LLC

EMDR Expert

kristi sullivan logo teal_brown.png

Kristi Sullivan

Human Design Expert & Self-Care Influencer

Beth Aleksinas logo.png

Morris Mountain Fitness Center

Boutique Fitness Center

spearmint coaching logo.png

Spearmint Coaching

Career Coaching

RM-logo (1).png

Radiant Mourning

End-of-Life Planning


This felt like a light lift. Like you did all the heavy lifting.

Jenny Drescher, The Bolder Company

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